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Welcome to Wm. Keith Dozier, LLC - Trial Attorney: by Keith Dozier:

We represent individuals all over Oregon that have suffered serious injury because of someone else's negligence or intent to cause harm.  We only handled cases for personal injury victims and victims of discrimination. We do not work for insurance companies.
We offer a free consultation to anyone seeking an attorney for their personal injury or discrimination case. We will be honest in our assessment of your case and will help explain the legal process to you and answer question you may have.  We work on a contingency fee basis and do not charge hourly fees, meaning we only get paid if we are successful in helping our client. Because of this, we only accept cases for honest individuals that truly need help.  
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We assist personal injury victims in cases related to auto accidents, semi trucking accidents, work place injuries, medical malpractice, injuries caused by dangerous products, employment discrimination and various other forms of personal injuries. We work hard to obtain insurance coverage for our clients so they can get proper medical treatment, make up for lost wages, and put their lives back together as much as possible. 

We pride ourselves on providing honest legal representation. Our law firm works with a modest number of personal injury clients so that trusting relationships can be established and each client can get the attention they need. Our goal is to ensure that our clients make informed decisions with confidence that their interests are being protected.  

Keith has tried personal injury cases to verdict in state and federal courts and has been recognized by his former clients and peers for his record of providing ethical and effective representation. You may learn more about Keith's experience, client reviews, and peer reviews at,, or

If you need additional information about Oregon personal injury attorneys and injury claims in general read our answers to Frequently Asked Questions linked below or please feel free to contact us for a consultation. 

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