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Oct 25

Motorcyclists Face an Uphill Battle After an Accident

Not only are motorcyclists minimally protected in an auto accident, they are also much more likely to have a tough time proving their case for compensation. Far too many people have serious misperceptions regarding motorcyclists—they believe motorcycle riders are risk-takers

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Oct 18

Are New Car Safety Systems Really Safe?

Most Americans are still wary of self-driving cars—according to Reuters, more than two-thirds are not on board with the technology. In fact, a number of polls have indicated that most people are far more trusting of human drivers—even when those

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Oct 11
Portland, Oregon area semi truck crash accident attorney

Preserving Evidence After a Trucking Accident

Those who have been involved in a trucking accident may be all too aware of how quickly evidence can disappear following the accident. Most large trucking companies have attorneys on retainer who immediately go to the site of a trucking

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Oct 03

Never Events Should Never Happen

A “never” event is one which should never occur, and is a term which brings profound unease to patients. In other words, when a disturbing medical event which should never happen does happen, the medical community deems it a “never”

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