Premises Liability Cases in Oregon

Premises liability claims in Portland, Oregon involve unique issues of fact and law that determine who is responsible for causing an injury. Whether the injured party was invited onto the dangerous property or they were on the premises of a business open to the public is an important issue.  So is the question of what party created the dangerous condition – the property owner, someone who rents or leases the property, or another party that was using the property or made any alterations. Some or all of these parties may also be responsible for failing to warn or a dangerous condition. Various forms of insurance may be available to assist the injured party including homeowners, renters, or liability insurance.

Wm. Keith Dozier is an experienced personal injury attorney in Portland, who will help you in all the legal proceedings, related with the premises liability claims within the jurisdiction of Portland judicial authority.

Case Studies

We have handled numerous premises liability cases all over Oregon. A few examples of those cases are below.

Severe Injuries From Wire Glass Door at Middle School 

A thirteen year old girl was seriously injured by glass that contained wire within it while at school. The school district administration was aware of the extreme danger presented by the glass because of where it was located. They had been warned of the dangers of wire glass by state officials. However, the administration never bothered to warn the school's principal, teachers or custodians so that the danger could be minimized or avoided. The jury returned a total verdict of $222,000.00 so that the girl could pay her past and future medical expenses and move on with her life.

$222K Jury Verdict Settlement

Dangerous Sidewalk 

A woman fell over a portion of partially destroyed sidewalk in front of a business located by a bus stop. The danger was not visible to pedestrians walking from a bus stop. The woman suffered a badly broken arm and a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder that required surgery. As a result, she couldn't return to her job as a housekeeper in an assisted living facility so that she could support her large family. The case settled before trial for $175,000.00 in insurance proceeds, allowing the woman to pay her medical bills and make up for her lost income.

$175K Settlement

Hidden Step at Restaurant

A woman’s hip was broken and required surgery when she fell off of an unmarked step at the dark entrance of a local restaurant where there was no handrail. She incurred substantial medical bills and was forced into assisted living for a time when she was caring for her ill husband. During the three years prior to this injury at least three other people had fallen and been injured because of the dangerous step. In spite of this, the restaurant chain failed to simply fix the step to make it safer. The case settled before trial for $105,000.00 in insurance proceeds. It wasn't until after this lawsuit was filed, and after yet another patron was injured, that the step was finally corrected to make it safe for employees and customers.

$105K Settlement