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Employment discrimination and wage claims involve unique questions of fact and law.

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Employment Discrimination and Wage Claim Cases in Oregon

Employment discrimination and wage claims involve unique questions of fact and law that determine what parties can be held responsible and whether the claims should be brought in Oregon state court or in federal court.  Various state and federal laws make discrimination based on race, age or disability illegal and various forms of compensation and penalties may apply. State laws also require that employees be properly compensated for their time and to be paid overtime when appropriate. These laws also dictate when employees can have deductions taken from their paychecks and when they should receive their last paychecks when they quit or are fired. An experienced Oregon employment discrimination attorney may be able to help with your claim.

Case Studies

We have handled a variety of employment cases in both state and the federal court system. Below are examples of cases we have recently handled.
Jury Verdict (Confidentially Settled Before Appeal) - Race Discrimination Case $19 millionSETTLEMENT

Four salesmen at a local automobile dealership were repeatedly exposed to racial discrimination by co-workers and managers while their employer failed to adequately respond to repeated complaints. The employer allowed the behavior to continue and actually promoted one individual who had made racist remarks. The case was tried in federal court where a jury returned a unanimous verdict for $19 million, in large part to punish the company and prevent it from continuing this conduct in the future. The case settled before appeal for a confidential amount.

Failure to Pay Wages ConfidentialSETTLEMENT

A construction worker travelled for his job for months and was underpaid what he was owed by his employer. The case settled for a confidential amount to cover the lost wages and cost of litigation.

Failure to Pay Overtime Wages Judgment and CollectionSETTLEMENT

Household workers were not paid overtime wages as required by law and their employer tried to hide assets and avoid paying what he owed. A judgment was obtained and collected.